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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 173 A Bit of Storm

There is a thunderstorm approaching!

Day 289 Got ‘Em

Successfully blew out the candles!

Day 280 Finally Ripe

This is the tomato with the bump. It is finally all ripe. The blog is so goofed up with the photos all messed up. I am going to try this one to see. I wish the messed up ones would return to normal. It did it again. So I will take a break until it works. Sad, because this is the beginning of my 13th year of doing a photo a day.


Day 279 Yellow

This one is more yellow tones.

Day 7 The Life of a Cat

To have the life of a cat and sleep all day!

Day 6 Cool Socks

My grandson has the coolest socks! Eggs!!!

Day 5 Sunrise

What a glorious sunrise greeted my eyes this morning. Red skies in morning, sailors warning.

Day 4 A Girl and Her Dad

This sweet girl and her dad.

Day 3 This is Fun

Someone having fun with letters

Day 2 Nice Sunset

Had a short but sweet sunset tonight along with the wicked wind.

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