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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 61 Abbie’s Kitchen

For our last big night out to dine, we went to Abbie’s Kitchen in Cottonwood. What a wonderful experience. It is very high end and a bit pricey, but the best we have eaten here. It is in a small 1920’s home what has been renovated with intimate dining rooms, I believe there were 8 tables and a commercial kitchen. There were three tables out in front on the porch to eat at when it is nice out too. Everything is made fresh and unbelievably tasty. The presentation is fabulous. Everything is served on fine china. Fresh roses on the tables were gorgeous. Abbie has a very impressive background of being a personal chef. She came around often to see how everything was. They serve only local wines. And we have visited the vineyards here. We had Creamy Mushroom Crepes and a Caesar Salad for appetizers. Then on to the main course of Red Bird Farms Chicken Picatta over Herbed House Made Fettuccini. Walter had a Bone In Ribeye with Mashed Potatoes. His potatoes were served in an onion. Mine was out of sight; best Picatta I have ever had. Walter found out his steak actually came from Nolan Ryan’s ranch in Texas. He said it was mighty tasty too. Of course, we had to indulge and have dessert. He had homemade Apple Pie with Ice Cream and I had a Poached Pear in Pastry. Oh, boy, were they ever good. We will be going back next year for sure.













































Day 60 I’m Going to Miss Sedona

It is hard to believe our two months in Sedona is almost over. We head Montana way tomorrow. It will be a long drive, but we take 4 days to do it. Jade needs to get out of her kennel every 4 hours or so. We will be in Kingman tomorrow, then St. George, off to Sandy and then finally Idaho Falls before crossing in to Montana. I sure hope we have decent roads. It is look pretty stormy here. Supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. This is the view from our deck. You can’t really see Cathedral Rock due to the fog. This house has such a gorgeous view. I can hardly wait to get back here next winter. We already have the house and will be staying longer.


Day 59 One Last Stop Before We Go

We went to pick up our spices today from ChefJen and to say goodbye until next year. She grinds her own organic spices and does her own special mixes and salt. We enjoyed them so much, that we had to stock up for home. Some pretty yummy stuff too. Here is a tray of ingredients for making one of the sauces we did last night. Everything was so well planned out and prepped. I sure learned a lot and so did Walter. A very memorable experience!



Day 58 Our Feast

Here are some of the dishes we made. Mine had to be separate, because of my shrimp allergy, so I had my own bowl. We made the sauces too. We made Fresh Thai Spring Rolls, Dipping Sauce, Classic Shrimp Pad Thai, Pad Thai Sauce, Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and Mango Sticky Rice. All were not only fun to make, but fun to eat. There was a group of local gals that were doing the class as a birthday party which made it extra fun. Our table partner was a fellow “snowbird” from Madison, Wisconsin, who is heading back to the cold weather at her home shortly too. That’s ChefJen plating our Mango Sticky Rice. She formed it into a cake in honor of the birthday girl.
















Day 57 Walter Goes To Cooking School

We took a cooking class yesterday at the local cooking studio. It was called, “Thai One On” and we sure had fun! Here is Walter doing his bit of the work making Pad Thai. ChefJen was very willing to make mine without shrimp. This was my second class there and it was a blast. We will be going back for many more next winter. ChefJen went to the same culinary school as our Nick did.

















Day 56 Where’s That Pot of Gold?

We were heading the camera club meeting and low and behold, right there off the highway on the way to Bell Rock was a beautiful rainbow. I was too close to capture the complete bow, which it was, but made do with these shots with my iPhone as Walter was driving. Looks like the pot of gold is at mile marker #307, then at that telephone box and finally out in Bell Rock Vista. Sadly, I never did find the elusive pot of gold.


















Day 55 It Sure Knows How to Rain in Sedona

We drove in to Sedona to be greeted by 8 inches of snow two months ago and looks like we will be leaving in rain. It has been pouring rain for a day and night now. The sump pumps have been going in the basement and the water is standing everywhere. Oak Creek is a raging river right now. This should bring on the wildflowers like crazy. The apple trees are blooming and it is starting to look like spring. Walter and I went to the camera club meeting last night. It was really good. We had a guest speaker who did a slide show on the ancient architecture of the southwest. They also had a presentation on macro, which is one of my passions. I am an official member now of their club! I have gotten to be friends with the president and she has been sharing lots of ideas for me, as Great Falls Camera Club’s president,  to use when I get back home.


Day 54 Big and Weathered

I wonder how old this big cactus is? It sure shows some wear and tear. Birds love to find refuge in these big ones.


Day 53 Walter Getting in on Shooting

Here we are on our way to Prescott. We did find a wonderful place to shoot the big Saguaro’s.


Day 52 Saguaro

It was one of those cloudy days with no pretty blue sky, so photographing the saguaros was a not what I had planned. I did get some nice shots though. I now know where the best ones are to photograph though. They are truly amazing in size. To think that many of these big beauties are over a 100 years old. Off to take a cooking class this afternoon on making basic sauces. I have another one coming up this week on Thai cooking. Make sure to take a closer look at the detail in this big cactus.


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