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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Trip to Disneyland

Here is Marilynn at the beach in SanDiego.

Have to figure this out

This week was implied motion. We were to do zooming, Monet’s, slow shutter speed, up and down and moving. We also were to try doing rain on an object, such as flowers, using a sprinkler and back lighting. Of course, here in Montana, we have to have decent weather and what do we get but snow. Now it is cloudy with no sun for back lighting, So that one is going to have to wait for another day. I am having a terrible time making my mind up about choosing which three. The truck license plate makes me queasy and I guess that means it works at implying motion, doesn’t it? The Bellagio fountains were taken with Curtis and Leslee when we were in Vegas. The wind spinner was during our high wind warning this last week and the bright colored zooming one is of my rug in the kitchen. These were fun, but not my type of regular photography.

posting my assignment photos

This has been a really hard assignment for Bryan Peterson’s Understand Exposure class. I have it narrowed down to these four that I need to pick just three from. I had two Perfect Pictures last week, but don’t think that is likely to happen again.


The rest coming up

my Perfect Picture from last week’s class

Bryan Peterson called this a Perfect Picture.

Bryan Peterson called this a Perfect Picture.

my photos for this week’s assignment

Wind spinner 1

Wind spinner

Love this sunset

Snow sunset photos

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