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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 302 A Junker Full Of Junk

I need to head down with my macro for some shots here for sure. Nothing like a junker full of junk.


Day 301 A Different View of The Flying Nun

This hood ornament has been a big photographic catch for many of us, but this is a little different view. The tough guy twin grandsons were enjoying crawling around and I like how this looks. A little different view.


Day 300 Pretty Flashy

I really like this insignia on one of the old cars in the junk pile.


Day 299 Where Does One Start?

This old box car holds a wealth of photographic opportunities. Click on to enlarge and take a look at all the fun pattern and rust!!  iPhone shot again. Bad snow storm is being predicted come Sunday night through Monday. I heard that dreaded blizzard word this morning come out of the weatherman’s mouth. Not what I want to hear about now. I am so not ready for winter.


Day 298 Three All In A Row

These three quonsets hold a vast amount of old junk. Another iPhone photo. I am enjoying playing with that camera actually. It takes really  nice clear  shots. Thanks to Tim Cooper for urging me to do so. Got my new Canon 100mm  f/2.8L Macro IS USM. I am off to buy some flowers to start trying it out. I love my non IS one and am sure this one will be even better. The new one is going with me to Death Valley.


Day 297 Needs A Little Repair

Shot down at our junk pile with my iPhone. I think this beauty needs a little work before it goes tooling down the highway again.


Day 296 Where Have All The Cows Gone?

This is the barn where Walter used to milk cows when he was younger. No cows anywhere in the area now. A really nice place to take photos though. iPhone shot. Take a closer look by clicking on it.



Day 295 Some Horse’s Clothes

I guess you would have to call this part of the clothes it takes to dress a horse; the bridle is pretty necessary for riding. Took this one with the workshop group. Not the best lighting situation.Will have to work on it later and replace. I am off to scout out a shooting location for the camera club.


Day 294 An Oldtimer

We are having the barn resided at Mom and Dad’s ranch. I have been going up to keep an eye on things and got a few shots of Dad’s pride and joy; his John Deere tractors. This one has a little visitor tying it down and obviously hasn’t been moved in some time.


Day 293 Mongoose?

Another shot from Rock City. What animal does this look like? I see a mongoose here, how about you? There is a 300 ft drop off just beyond this formation that I stayed way back from. You know me and my fear of heights.Thank goodness there are just a few places here that have that “delightful treat”. Off to ship the first bunch of calves today; the heavy ones go first.














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