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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 180 More Edible Cuties

Here are a few more that we enjoyed. I borrowed one shot from a friend because I missed that one. It is a bit fuzzy.

























Day 179 Yum

We had a pretty clever gal working in the kitchen at one of the resorts we stayed at. Aren’t these cute. Way too cute to eat.
















Day 178 Rodeo Time

My twin grandsons participate in the little kids rodeo. We have attended the last two which were held in Belt. Here is one of the runs that night.


Day 177 Storm Clouds

This was my view on the way to town a few days ago. Quite the little downpour that morning. No hail though.  When I turned around, here was the scene over the Highwoods at the same time.



















Day 176 Summer Celebration

The family took a great trip yesterday to Summer Celebration at Fort Benton. It is a trip we take each year and wouldn’t miss it. Sadly, the camera club was going to Havre for a shoot today, which I had to pass up. Family comes first. I have a great Vice President who is also in charge of the outings for the club and he will do a great job. Here is a shot of the old Fort Benton bridge where they shoot off fireworks later at night. Walter is there with our oldest grandson and three of the little guys. There were actually 14 of us that went this year. The parade was not as good this year, but the kiddos got plenty of the thrown candy anyway. The meal this time was from Big Mouth Barbecue which was a pleasant change in the usual venue. We had Indian Tacos later which were the same delicious ones they feature every year. A fun day for sure and besides the occasional wind, it was perfect weather.


Day 175 Away We Go

Took this one at the Atlanta, GA airport on my way home. A big storm was heading in as we took off.


Day 174 From Up on High

What a wonderful experience to fly up high above the clouds. This one was outside of Minneapolis.


Day 173 Cute Little Guy

While visiting Glacier National Park last weekend, I had the good luck to actually see a bear. They seem to be few and far between this year. This little guy was right along the road as we headed to Two Medicine and a visit to Trick Falls(Running Eagle Falls). We were first on the scene and got some closeup photos. The only camera I  had available was my iPhone6s. Everything else was packed in the back and we were not about to get out of the vehicle with a little bear close by. He was right there ahead of us in the first image and in the second shot, you can see he is enjoying grazing. In the third, he stopped to take a quick look at us and then, as you can see, he moved on along.  This is why I always have my iPhone handy, just in case I have a photo op.


























Day 172 A Pretty Little Wildflower

Snapped this wildflower in Glacier with the iPhone.


Day 171 The Breakfast of Champions

The Breakfast of Champions – Sugar Cookies and Coke.


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