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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 31 Reaching

The new Cat Tree offers lots of exercise options for Jasmine. Does she look like she is working out?

Day 30 Interesting Ceiling Pattern

Isn’t this an interesting ceiling pattern?

Day 29 I Don’t Hear You

Jasmine looks like she is saying, “I am not listening to you”. I don’t think she wants to go on a road trip.

Day 28 Bath Time

Jasmine is constantly grooming.

Day 27 Footprints in the Snow

Just snapped these footprints coming up our sidewalk. It is slush at this point, but will turn to ice later tonight. Lots of heavy snow this afternoon before the arctic air hits. Not fun out there driving. The weather station is calling for up a possible 14 inches locally.

Day 26 Snow Arriving

We had a bit of a snow shower yesterday. Here is a view south as it rolled in. Supposed to get below zero temps this weekend.

Day 25 Winter Tomatoes

My tomato plants are still producing like crazy. They do much better in the sun porch in the winter, than out with the grasshoppers and wind in the summer.

Day 24 Interested Tail

What an interesting tail Jasmine has.

Day 23 A Different Background Today

Today’s background out the sunroom window looking toward the Highwood Mountains is certainly different. Snowy again and colder. The Morning Glories, don’t mind though.

Missing My Jade

It has been a year since I lost my sweet Jade. These last few days have been hard filled with so many memories. I miss her so much!

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