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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 91 Rust and Junk

The camera club recently took a trip out this way to our ‘ boneyard’; a place the draws photographers like flies and a place, we who live here, take for granted.

Robyn_license plate

Day 90 You Know it’s Spring When the Tulips are in Bloom

These seem to be blooming all around town and have been for awhile. Way early this year due to the unseasonably warm weather. These were not outside however, but are Albertson’s.


Day 89 Easter Breakfast

We joined Mom for Easter breakfast yesterday. She certainly seemed to enjoy it and ate her entire plateful. No eggs or oatmeal for Mom though, just lots of coffee.











Day 88 Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone. It promises to be a day full of happiness. We are off to have breakfast with Mom. Then it is the annual Easter egg hunt and dinner. Four of the grandkiddos helped me fill all the hundreds of eggs. The special golden eggs for each kiddo are ready with that slip of paper telling where to find their prizes. I hope to get some “hunt” images to share later today.


Day 87 Painting Fun

Yesterday was a great time with one of my daughters and her kiddos. We went for an afternoon of painting fun at Brush Crazy. I thought I was just going along to watch, but was surprised when I was informed I was painting too. We all chose a different image to paint. I thought it was much harder than I had anticipated. Guess a photographer has some learning to do when applying paint to a canvas. The blending of different colors was a challenge. I think we all did achieve what we had come for. What a fun afternoon!  Can you guess which is my masterpiece?


Day 86 Hot Cross Buns – Yum!

My friend, Leslee, has returned from her trip “down-under” and it is so good to have her home. Look what she treated me to last night. Breakfast is pretty terrific this morning.


Day 85 Rewards

This is what you get when you eat all your Sushi. Nothing like a big dish of FroYo.


Day 84 Anyone for a Tuna Roll?

I have two grandchildren who love Sushi. I do mean love it. They also love Miso soup. I just can not ingest raw fish. No way! But those two love their Tuna Rolls. Three platefuls were ingested at Suki Cafe, by the two of them.












Day 83 Welcome Spring

When Spring doesn’t provide flowers, you take a trip to the grocery store. It was snowing hard when I was inside, so these were even more welcomed.


Day 82 Swooping in to Gibson Park

I took my grandson down to Gibson Park with his new camera to do some photos of geese and ducks. Here is what I captured while there. The heavy clouds were moving in and added to the drama of the scene.


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