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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 186 Brings Back Memories

This cement is in front of my grandparent’s upper Highwood Creek house. The house burned several years ago which is so sad. There were so many memories there from my childhood. I spent a good deal of my summers there at that house. So many bulls washed and groomed and so many wonderful hours spent with Grandma and Grandpa Schock in their bull barn and traveling around the country showing the beautiful Hereford cattle.  I adored them and miss them so. A house can burn and things within, but the memories I have are still there for me to remember and enjoy.



Day 185 In My Element

Here is what I enjoy doing most. Thanks to my friend, Curtis, for providing a portrait. I don’t like to be in front of the lens, you know. This one was taken at the macro workshop we recently attended at the Glacier Institute.Heading back to Glacier soon. This time to share it with granddaughter, Becca. We plan on getting some great images. It has been a busy week. I finished judging a contest for a photo group in Oklahoma and writing up the critiques.


Day 184 Big Sky Country From Home

Here is a shot of Great Falls from my house. Is there any doubt why Montana is called the Big Sky Country? The hot weather is taking it’s toll on the grain crops, but the hay and pasture still look good. Hope there is a break soon.


Day 183 The Goats Relaxing

A few goats were relaxing in the shade at the Goat Lick.











Day 182 A Sea of Green

A wonderful sea of green.


Day 181 A Boy Needs to Keep Hydrated

Bryton is one that makes sure he keeps hydrated during this hot weather.


180 A Wee Leaf

Interesting how plants will find unusual places to set up house. This little guy chose the top of a picnic table at Ryan Dam.


Day 179 A Very Strange Shadow

This was a shadow on my closet door. Sure looked like some strange animal invading my room.


Day 178 Whatcha’ Eatin’

Wonder what Tristan is enjoying? Mongolian BarBQ, his favorite.


Day 177 FroYo is the Best

A little break from the L&C Festival last weekend called for a trip to the local FroYo at Schulte’s.



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