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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 125 Snakes, Snakes Everywhere

Friday, May 4 – These are for Gage to enjoy. Tiffany is going to have her hands full when it comes to him and his fascination with snakes. Who knows, maybe he will be a future herpetologist. He just could not get enough of looking at these guys in those enclosures.

























Day 124 Grrrrrr

Thursday, May 3 – Here is the dino that greats you at the zoo. They are putting a new dinosaur exhibit in at the end of this month. I thought Gage and Bryton would get a bang out of seeing him again.

Day 123 Well Hello Little Guy

Wednesday, May 2 – Can anyone guess what this little guy is? I was surprised that I got the captures I did considering they were taken through glass that wasn’t exactly clean.











Day 122 – Gage Loves Elephants

Tuesday, May 1st – Elephants were Gage’s favorite at the zoo. He also took home a toy elephant as a reminder of all the fun we had. There were two very slow moving elephants in the enclosure and they looked very bored. I would imagine that I will be seeing plenty of these big guys in Tanzania this fall. These are for you, Gage.























Day 121 Bryton’s Favorite – The Giraffe

Monday, April 30 – Bryton loved the giraffe’s. There were two young long necked guys in this enclosure. They do not like wind and cold, so kept circling through the pen to the inside.  Brytie even bought a toy giraffe to take home for a remembrance. Here are some shots for you, Bryton. I volunteered at Bountiful Baskets yesterday and got quite the workout. We unloaded the big truck, sorted all the goodies and then passed them out when the time arrived. It was fun and I loved what I got this week. The pineapple is fantastic and the whole box of strawberries are as delicious as they are beautiful. The Mexican add on was huge and very interesting. The tropical add on even had sugar cane, vanilla beans and a coconut. There is going to be some delicious eating at our house this week.










































Day 120 Peacocks Paradise

Sunday, April 29 – Everywhere we went at the zoo there was a peacock. Tristan said there were thousands, which might be a rather high number. But there were lots. I am off to pick up my organic Bountiful  Baskets this morning with Bobbi. Can’t wait to see what we get this week, so I can start my menu planning. I missed the fresh vegies and fruit while I was gone.



















































Day 119 The Snake House

Saturday, April 28 – What a fabulous exhibit the Milwaukee zoo has of snakes. Gage was fascinated by all of them. Here are a couple of very brightly colored beauties.

















Day 118 Bubble Machine

Friday, April 27 – Tiffany bought the boys a bubble machine that will be enjoyed at home this summer. We had to try it out and sure enough, it was everything those kiddos expected.










Day 117 Who Is That Red Bird?

Thursday, April 26 – There has been a bird singing so sweetly every morning and late afternoon in Nick’s backyard. Finally tonight I got to see who was making all that noise. There is a pair of cardinals living close by.
























Day 116 Cruisin Lake Geneva

Wednesday, April 25 – Nick arranged for us to take a cruise on one of the nine big boats that the company he works for owns. I have never seen so many huge mansions. They are referred to as estates and include forested acreage. The waterfront goes for a premium at around $3600 a foot for lakeside property. This is the biggest mansion on Lake Geneva and is converted to 3 condos. Our tour guide told us that when it was built it included 14carat gold fixtures through out and a 14 foot deep pool on one of the levels. A really fun and education boat ride. You could ride inside where there were beverages available or out on the deck. I should have moved out and got some better shots.
























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