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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 58 Spring Soon

This makes me think that Spring can not come too soon!

Day 57 And Then There Were 5

All blooms are now open on one of the orchids I got from friend, Xavier.

Day 56 What in The World

This was the view yesterday morning through our bedroom window. Looks rather like a port hole. That is snow blown in. This is the drift between our garage and the house.

Day 55 Big Yawn

What a big yawn when waking up from a nap in the sunshine. If I didn’t know was a yawn, I would think it is a scary threat of, “Don’t touch me”.

Day 54 Oyster Mushroom Gills

We had a Macro/Closeup workshop last night for the Camera Club. It was minus 20 outside, but we will have a great turnout and so much fun. This is just one of the things I photographed with my phone camera.

Day 53 My Pretty Girl

Just took this shot and played a bit in an app. Not sure which I like best.

Day 52 And Then There Were 4

The 4th bloom has opened in this beautiful orchid plant that I got from Xavier. One more bud to go.

Day 51 Open

That bud I featured previously, along side a bloom, is now open.

Day 51 Ice Crystals

It is snowing heavily out right now, so how about some ice crystal captures.

Day 50 Getting Ready for Cold Weather

There is a very pretty bird on the ground here. I think it heard that there is a return to very cold weather this week. It looked like it was out scouting out a food source and a place to get out of the coming return to winter cold. This was taken through a window with my phone, which is all that was in reach at the time.

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