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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 244 First Potato

Our first Yukon Gold potato!

Day 243 My Baking Buddy

We have so much fun baking together! She loves my orange Kitchenaid. Banana Bread is her specialty.

Day 242 Pretty

Isn’t this tomato pretty!

Day 241 Bad Hair Day

Someone woke up to a bad hair day!

Day 240 More

Checked the corn and it looks like it is ripe!

Day 239 Watermelon

My watermelon are progressing.

Day 238 FirstCorn

The corn is almost ready. The ear I picked is sure sweet!

Day 237 Still Blooming

Still have blooming orchids!

Day 236 Backside

I shot this one before grandson “weed-wacked” all the foliage around the outside due to grasshoppers and fire danger. Now I hope the fat grasshoppers find another place to hang out.

Day 235 Zoomin’

Just doing a Zoom meeting with a group of photographers critiquing.

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