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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 90 Buddies

Buddies watching Tom and Jerry

Day 89 A Nice Finale

Day 88 Having a Good Time

The yearling heifers are enjoying their first day being out.

Day 87 Happy Birthday!

My grandson is 14 today!

Day 86 Another Good Start

This morning was another beautiful start to the day. Snow is supposed to arrive tonugh

Day 85 Morning View

How about waking up to this outside your bedroom window?

Day 84 Fog Rolling In

Another day starts with fog rolling in.

Day 83 Foggy

You might say it is a little foggy out…

Day 82 Hoya Ready to Boom

My plants are loving the sunshine. One of the Hoyas is full of buds like this one. I can’t wait for the fragrant blooms!

Day 81 Nice Morning

It is a beautiful morning!

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