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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 365 Happy New Year From Our Little Warrior!

Here is that precious new little warrior princess saying goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016! She is already laughing and giving Grandma big grins. What a little miracle she is!!


Day 364 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Grandchildren

What a crew we have; from a college student to a newborn with her mom. Some are serious and some goofy. They are growing up so fast. There are a few missing in the photo, but not from our hearts. It has been a good year and here is hoping that next year is even better. Thanks to Walter for taking the photo.


Day 363 Pancakes!!!

According to the Grandkids, there is nothing better than my Sourdough Pancakes. They can eat a huge pile! Lily even got them for part of her Christmas gift which thrilled her. It is the first thing that she asks for when she comes to visit. I think I could serve them for every meal and all the snacks too. Two of the grandkids had a couple each yesterday for a snack mid afternoon. My starter has been going for so many years. I have had it for over 45 years now. I have shared it with several friends and all my kids and my sis. It originally came from dear friend, Cindy, and she got it from her mom. It was over 50 years old when it came to me. Imagine! It is now approaching being 100 years old.


Day 362 The Morning Has Dawned

The two lazy bones were still in bed after 8am yesterday. And Jade is doing what she usually does – resting. What would we do without electronics!!

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Day 361 Sleepover


It’s sleepover time!! And no competition!


Day 360 First Christmas

Our little blessing new granddaughter enjoyed her first Christmas. We are so blessed to have her!


Day 359 Cold Fun!

Cold or not, it looks like fun.


Day 358 Brrr and We are Still Playing Outside!

Those silly grandsons thought it would be plenty warm out to try out some of their new gifts. It didn’t take long for them to return inside and the gifts worked just great.




















Day 357 Ready to Call Some Coyotes

What a fun gift for a new coyote hunter. Look at that happy face!


Day 356 Just What She Wanted!

This is was the first thing on her list and she got it. An “antique” Polaroid.


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