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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 157 Can You See It?

Can you see the snake that keeps the birds away from this Owl Butterfly. The big spots that resembles an owl’s eyes on the wings are said to keep birds away, however, we were also told that the pattern that looks like a snake also scares them away. Look at the top of the wing. Sure does look like a snake, doesn’t it?


Day 156 Full Rainbow

I spent the day in Helena shopping with two of my daughters and two grandchildren. On our way home we  were treated to a full rainbow near Ulm. Wish we could have stopped and got a better image, but this is what I got out the passenger window speeding down the highway at 70mph with my iPhone.








Day 155 A Very Strange Flower

I saw this very interesting plant long the walk at the butterfly garden we visited in Mindo. I thought for sure it was some type of melon, but after researching, it sure seems to be a flower blooming – The Paja Toquilla











Day 154 The Invasion of the Giant Earthworm

I also found a Giant Earthworm that was 4 feet long in front of the lodge at Mindo Loma. I had seen one here two years ago also, so it didn’t surprise me this time. But there were some shocked looks this time from those who had not experienced one. Lots of remarks about “Hugo” being pretty decent fishing bait.




















Day 153 Earthquakes times three

I had the pleasure of being in an earthquake last year in Costa Rica. Well, I had to one up that, didn’t I? I was in not just one this time in Ecuador, but three. The first was 6.8 in the middle of the night and shook the bed really good. The guys next door actually fell out of bed. I could hear people screaming. The next day at noon another one hit at 7.2. I was inside this building shooting out the area that is right behind which has chairs to sit on and on the perfect level for photographing the hummingbirds perching outside. I actually thought that the kitchen staff right next to me was using a blender at first, as everything was shaking loudly. Next thing I knew, one of the staff came running out the kitchen screaming, “earthquake, get out”.  The things started falling off the counters and breaking in the kitchen about then. The whole building was rocking. When I got outside, I looked back and you could see the building swaying. There was a 7 year old grandchild of the owner there that was screaming with fear. It was pretty scary. The third was a mild 3.1 aftershock you barely could notice. It was quite the adventure! This is the building I was in(right behind the guys is where I was shooting out of). That is Charlie, Tom U, Steve, me and  Tom S right after the quake. It didn’t stop us from shooting for long. My tripod was still inside the building. There were actually 13 of us in all. This was at Mindo Loma.


Day 152 Millipede

Millipedes were everywhere at one of the places we visited, actually it was the same place that had the scorpion.


Day 151 Chigger Bites

You do not wear short pants when photographing butterflies in tall grass, as I found out. These little buggers itch like crazy and you have bite marks for around three weeks. An MD from New York and I got bitten pretty good.










Day 150 They Grow Them Big in Ecuador

Here is fly that I escorted out the door of my room. It is hard to tell from the iPhone photo, but it was huge.


Day 149 What Invaded

It isn’t just everyday that you see a scorpion in Montana, so one goes to Ecuador.


Day 148 My View

The Hotel in Quito did not have my registration right and thought I was coming the next day, but found me a room. Not the best of views though. This was early the next morning.


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