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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 280 Little Boys With Fishing Poles

Sunday, October 7 – Just a couple more days and I will be soaring off to Tanzania. Tom Ulrich was the featured speaker at camera club a couple of days ago and what a slide show he presented. It made me all the more anxious to get there to start shooting. Thought it was time to share some fishing photos that I took at our pond when the twin grandsons were here last. It was Tif’s birthday and she chose to spend it this way and I am so glad she did. The boys had some fishing pole problems, so Grandpa Walter bought them new poles before they returned home. Notice across the pond sitting on the hillside are Grandpa and one of the boys. I shot these just at dusk and love the way the clouds reflected in the water. Make sure to click on the photos so that you can see the detail.

















Day 279 Flying Views

Saturday, October 6 – We just took our every three month trip to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Here are some of the views from my window on the plane. We left at 6 am when it was fairly dark and the last shot is as we banked coming in to Minneapolis.

































Day 278 A Bit Of A Change

Friday, October 5 – Yes, there is quite a difference if the white balance is changed. You can really appreciate the smokey atmosphere. I shot on cloudy with my G11 for the blue tones and just switched to auto in Lightroom.



















Day 277 A long and winding road

Thursday, October 4 – Yes, it was very smokey in the mountains, as you can tell from yesterday’s shots. Made for a very blue cast to everything I shot. Not sure if a change in white balance would have helped, but probably should have. Here is the single lane winding road that took us to the fossil site. Not an enjoyable trek for ‘scared of heights’ me. But I made it and it was well worth it.

Day 276 Fossil Hunting

Wednesday, October 3 – Walter, Kimmie and I went hunting fossil rocks yesterday in Belt Park. These shots are looking down at Logging Creek road. We had super luck finding awesome rocks. I was not about to go down that steep cliff to look for the bigger ones, but Walter and Kimmie did and were well rewarded. A place I am sure we will visit again soon.



























Day 275 Shopping Trip

Tuesday, October 2 – The three of us travelers to Africa made a trip to Helena to shop for safari clothes. What a trip it was. I think Mike was a real trooper to tolerate the gals trying on piles of bargains. We came home with sacks full of sale clothes. Good thing that Montana has cold weather coming up so that the fishing clothing was all on sale. Here is the view you see east on the way to Helena.



Day 274 Another Plant Guess

Monday, October 1 –  Here is another plant quiz. Anyone know what this one is? A reminder; no one has guessed what the bottom shot is of. I can not find it in any of my books.











Day 273 Collars and Bridles

Sunday, September 30 – When I was a little girl, we farmed and ranched with horses; no big round bales and balers, no 4 wheelers. The hay was put up using horse drawn equipment and it was fed loose, not in bales, from a horse pulled wagon or sleigh. Dad has kept all of the harnesses and bridles that we had for the work horses. Here are some shots that I did out at the ranch.








Day 272 Wonder What That Decal Is?

Saturday, September 29 –  I wonder what this decal/sign says? Pretty cool old truck, regardless.













Day 271 Hello, Mr. Moon

Friday, September 28 – There is nothing quite like a moon on a clear night. We haven’t been seeing many of those lately with all the awful smoke from the forest and wild fires.

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