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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 208 Weed or Wildflower

This is from East Glacier and is an Elk Thistle. Weed or wildflower?



Day 207 A Solitary Flower

It seemed that this plant either had a solitary bloom or a grouping of three. Taken near Trick Falls. Off to the fair again for the final seven days.



Day 206 The Beauty of Glacier Wildflowers

I have been fortunate to travel to Glacier twice this summer already, with another visit possible still.  The wildflowers this year were especially abundant on the east side. I believe this is a Fleabane. I just noticed that the photo attached with a label identifying what camera I used, which was my mirrorless Olympus.



Day 205 Which One?

Bryton collects stuffed cats. However, now that he owns a real cat, can you find her in with his collection? Thanks, Tiffany, for supplying the photos.



Day 204 Tristan Had a Super Night

My grandson, Tristan, had a great night at the Montana State Fair photography judging. He won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the black and white prints youth under 13 category. In the color prints category he won 1st, 3rd and 4th. I know there were some honorable mentions in there too. Way to go, Tristan! He won 1st places on these two images. The black and white is “Lots of Fluff” and the color is “Mariposa”.











Day 203 Mom and Sis

I can not image my life without these two. Loving parents and siblings is not something everyone has. What would life be like if my sibling didn’t love me unconditionally? I can not even imagine. My mom has always had my back and will love me forimage ever. I feel truly blessed.


Day 202 Aloha

The theme for Highgate’s family night this time was Luau. Here was what we were served. Yummy!! Barbecue sliders with cole slaw and a side of potato salad with pineapple upside down cupcake. Mai Tais and Lemonade to drink too.




Day 201 Sweet Flowers

I shot this one close to Trick Falls in Glacier. Hope to go back to image some bears after I am through at the fair. Been getting the files ready for the judges all day. They certainly don’t pay me enough for the hours I put in. Our Bountiful Baskets site in Belt rocked this morning. It’s hard to believe that I have been running the site as VSC for 4 years now. I am so thankful for the source of organics year rouimagend. We are fortunate to be able to raise our own organic eggs and beef with no hormones or antibiotics, plus organic wheat.


Day 199 Small Bear

Ken and I were on the way to breakfast when right there along the road was this young black bear. Got a few shots off with my Olympus Mirrorless.

image image image

Day 199 A New Little Cutie

Tiffany and the boys got a new little sweetie. Bryton loves her so much and has named her Suki.  I think that might be because he loves to eat at Suki Cafe in Great Falls.



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