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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 91 Saying Goodbye to March

What a way to say goodbye to March. It’s a regular blizzard out there! I can hardly see out the south and west facing windows. Certainly not good for calving!

Day 90 Please Bring on Spring

Last year’s plants are reminding me how much I am missing the green of spring. It can’t come soon enough for me.

Day 89 Who Lives Here?

Walking around outside while social distancing I noticed this freshly dug habitat. I imagine this is a family of voles. I recently read that there are no moles in MT, which is what we used to say dug this intricate tunnel work. It was announced a little while ago that the whole country has a whole month longer to social distance, until April 30 now. Finally those in Washington are believing this is serious.

Day 88 Seeds

The Amaryllis seed pods are opening.

Day 87 My View

This is the view from my bedroom and the front door.

Day 86 And More…

Did another batch today. In the pan and flipped over for the gooey side.

Day 85 Cinnamon Rolls

The Cinnamon Rolls just came out of the oven.

Day 84 Looking at the Highwoods

Just my shadow looking at the Highwoods at sunset last night.

Day 83 Still Blooming

The orchid has been blooming nonstop for over two years. I guess it is happy.

Day 82 Done Blooming

The Amaryllis is done blooming. Looks like seedpods too.

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