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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 150 Just Some Rocks

A pretty assortment of rocks.

Day 149 Beautiful Gift

This quilt was made by friend of the bride at the wedding we attended over the weekend.

Day 148 Home Away From Home

Here is our home away from home. Pretty nice too.

Day 147 Where Am I

when you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you are not home…

Day 146 Pretty Highway View

Some pretty clouds today while out driving.

Day 145 Such a Pretty Face

Just been working with my gear for my up coming trip to Ecuador. I appreciate how well Jasmine poses.

Day 144 Why?

The question is why does she like to lay on Walt’s clothes?

Day 143 Nap Time

She has it down to a fine science

Day 142 New Orchid

I picked up my new orchid from friend, Charity, on Saturday. It is doing well today.

Day 141 A Little Baby Tomato

I have a baby tomato already setting on.

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