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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 330 Happy Birthday, Lily

We had a birthday celebration last night for the now 8 year old. How many girls get a magic tiara and 2 cakes for their big day?!


Day 330 Newest Great Grandbaby

Mom enjoyed seeing her newest great Grandbaby.


Day 329 Brrr!!

No snow, but some chilly mornings. This is up at Kings Hill. Obviously no skiing is happening.


Day 328 Look Who Turned 8

Look who just turned 8 today.


Day 327 No Snow

This is right by Showdown Ski Area. There is no snow!

Day 326 Turkey

Yup, those were turkeys!!

Day 325 I’m Not Going To Be Dinner

On our way to Bozeman we spotted these big guys…


Day 324 Cuddle Buddy

Here is my cuddle buddy.


Day 323 Concert Time

I went to the Youth Orchestra Concert today that my granddaughter is a member of. Very impressive music! That is A granddaughter’s boyfriend playing first chair cello and right in the center is my granddaughter, only just the top of her blond head is visible. Taking photos is difficult when people are sitting in front of you.


Day 322 What 5 Inches of Snow Looks Like

Yes, we had 5 inches of snow by this morning and it is Cold!

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