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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 31 Happy Birthday, Boys!

The boys turned 6 today! They Facetimed me this morning on their new iPods. First time Walter experienced FaceTime. imageCan’t wait to see them in a few days. Here is the special activity they got to enjoy a few days ago with Mom and Dad.




Day 30 Rain in Arizona

It is raining in Arizona! At least it isn’t the frozen variety.



Day 29 What a Dinner!

imageDinner at Creekside!image




Day 28 Rest In Peace, Shep

Today, our beautiful Shep, left our lives for well earned rest and peace.  My heart is heavy with grief tonight. I find myself hugging sweet Jade more than usual, if that is even possible. There is a hole in our lives with the loss of our fur baby. I remember being told by a friend that when we take on the care of a pet, we know that we most likely will outlive them. We know that, going in to that commitment, and it still is hard to see them go. I read a beautiful piece recently, (not sure who the author was), that sure says it all. Dogs come into our lives to teach us how to love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog, it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs your heart is very big.  Shep will never be replaced in my heart. He will always have a big place there, right along side Tripod’s place. Shep, I miss you so much! Rest in peace and now that you are at the Rainbow Bridge, say hi to Tripod for me. I will see you again someday.

I can not thank Central West Animal Clinic and Dr. Micki and Christian enough for always being there when we need them. Today was one of those days and you guys really did shine. Your compassion for both our pets and us, the owners, goes above and beyond.  You are the BEST!

The top photo was taken a month ago. The others were this fall and summer.

photo-10 copy 10


















Day 27 Out Of Africa

Today we visited a fantastic wildlife refuge right close in Verde Valley, Out of Africa. It is one fun place and has great opportunities for photos. We spent 5 hours there and time flew by. Lots of the same animals I saw in Tanzania too. G11 shots and taken on the move. There was a service dog in the area and  these two lions sure thought it might be mighty tasty. The boys will be going back here next week. I got in free because it was my birthday month.









Day 26 Color or Black/White?

Took this at the top of Oak Creek Canyon. I can’t decide which I like best, color or B&W. iPhone shot. Walter didn’t tell me we were going to go up here or my camera would have come along. Guess that is what the beauty of a phone camera is. We are off to “Out of Africa” tomorrow to see what all is there for when the boys come visiting next week. I get in for free because it is my birthday month.











Day 25 Along the Trail

Spotted this interesting plant along the trail.


Day 24 Hiking Trail

Here is one of the many hiking trails we were on at the Yavapaii Vista. There is definitely lots of red soil, rocks and shrubs. The skeleton trees are everywhere and wonderful to photograph.


Day 23 Chapel of the Holy Cross

This is a bit different view of the famous Chapel of the Holy Cross than you will normally see. I took this at the Yavapaii Vista looking across to where it is built into the red rocks. It gives you an idea of the location. It is a must see when you visit here. I always take my visitors here. Make sure an enlarge to take a look at the chapel closer. It is the bright building in the center built into the rocks.


Day 22 Views from the Yavapaii Vista

Here we are up on the Yavapaii Vista on our photo walk. That’s the sleeping lady in front with courthouse to the right and little bell in between. Bell Rock is just out of sight on the right. Turns out that the president of the local camera club was leading it. We had a great visit about how to run camera clubs and how each of us does it. They have the same issue we have with getting judges for our contests. It is nice to know I am not alone. I will be attending their club meeting next week. The guest speaker is a storm chaser photographer.


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