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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 209 Wilbur

Look what we have at the Photo exhibit today.

Day 208 Breakfast of Champions

How about a milkshake for breakfast.

Day 207 Playing

Just passing time at the fair…

Day 206 Fair Cake

Every year the Fine Arts Exhibit has Cake to share. This year it was extra good!

Day 205 Running for Shelter

You didn’t want to be outside for long in that.

Day 204 Downpour!

We had a bit of a downpour yesterday. This is the view from the door of the Photography exhibit. Lots of soaked people! At least our roof didn’t leak.

Day 203 View From My Desk

The fair has opened for another year. Here is my view from where I spend most of my time.

Day 202 First Light

Getting ready for another busy day at work. The sun is peeking over the mountains casting some pretty light in my bathroom.

Day 201 Sweet Sleeper

What a Sweet Sleeper!!

Day 200 Wind Blown

The wind did a number on this plant and helped send the seeds on their way.

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