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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 124 Old Time Organization

Tuesday, May 4 – I took this down at the barn in an old shop building. The roof is gone, allowing lots of morning sun to shine in. This was one of the handmade tool storage areas. It is supposed to snow today, but so far, nothing. The wind is howling out like crazy though.

Day 123 I Want An itouch Of My Own

Monday, May 3 – Tristan loves my itouch and wants one of his own in the worst way. It is the first thing that he asks for when he comes for a visit now. It sure is a way to settle him down for bedtime. There are some really good educational apps that he enjoys. His favorites are the fishing  and shooting apps that I just ‘had’ to download for him.


Day 122 I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing

Sunday, May 2 – I took Emma to Eddie’s Supper Club for her birthday dinner. That is her very favorite place to eat and she always orders steak. I still can’t believe she ate the whole Prime Rib.  That last bite was almost too much, as you can see. Way to go, Emma!





Day 121 Happy Birthday, Emma

Saturday, May 1 – I know, Emma, your birthday is actually April 21 which is truly the day I am posting this. Have a wonderful 8th birthday celebration.

Day 120 Happy Birthday, Kristie

Friday, April 30 – Kristie’s birthday was on April 19. I am so far ahead that I need to honor her today. I shot this on my way home from Great Falls tonight. Thought it would be a fine ending to Kristie’s big day.

Day 119 Hope For Warmer Weather

Thursday, April 29 – The sun is shining out today and the snow is starting to go. Each day more and more green grass is showing. Maybe we will finally see some spring flowers. This was shot in Jamaica at a market. It won’t be too long now and we could use one of these here too. This gives me hope that summer might be on it’s way.


Day 118 Before It All Goes Away

Wednesday, April 28 – Here are some more snow shots from yesterday. It is to be in the 50s and 60s for the rest of the week, so the white stuff won’t be with us for long. It is going to be replaced with lots of mud. Walter is thrilled with the moisture and he made sure all the calves were safe and sound during the storm. It is nice to have someone to take my place doing the night calving. All photos were with my G11. The middle one was out my bedroom window looking where we park our vehicles. The other two were right out my kitchen deck.



Day 117 Winter Returns

Tuesday, April 27 – Winter has returned with a vengeance. We have so much snow. This shot is from my deck this morning with my G11. I got rid of my crutches and am getting along really well on the knee. It is hard to believe that I am less than a week out from surgery.

Day 116 Lily Meets The Arrowroot

Monday, April 26 – Lily came for a visit yesterday and I had the honor of introducing her to Arrowroot cookies. As you can see, she gave them a thumbs up. Cousins Bryton and Gage think they are pretty darned good too. I used them with my own children and they still taste as yummy as ever.


Day 115 Surgery

Sunday, April 25 – Here are some shots from the surgery center where I had my knee surgery on the 8th. The orthopedic group has their own surgery and everything is brand new, as they just moved in a short time ago. All the gowns are purple and everything matches, even the booties you wear.  One of the impressive things was that they have a dryer type hose that inserts into your gown to keep the patient warm before and during surgery. Very cool – actually very warm! The one shot is of the water wall behind the reception desk for the center. I couldn’t get a better shot, as the wall is so close to the desk. It is pretty impressive with the water running down the wall. My knee is doing well. I am up and walking; a bit stiff, but that will improve. I took my first Pepcid this morning to try to get rid of the stomach problems. That has been the worst part of recovery.


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