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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 365 The Year Has Gone To The Dogs! And Another Year is Complete!

Saturday, December 31 – New Years Eve and another year has passed by. I swear that with age they are going by faster. I have been busy packing up for Sedona. I sure hope that the weather holds for the trip down. There was a huge dust storm this last week in Idaho that closed the interstate. I guess we are not the only ones that have been dealing with wind. At least, we haven’t had any dust storms. Lots to be thankful for this year and lots to look forward to in the new one too. I loved the traveling and am already scheduled for more in 2012; Sedona, Wisconsin, Arches, Canyonlands, Lethbridge, Tanzania and Minnesota. Those cameras are going to get a workout. Walter told me I need a new camera for Africa; so might be looking at that new Canon 5DM3 that comes out this spring. Thought this was a good day to feature some of the dogs in my life. Sorry, I didn’t have pictures of Hunter, Rena and Bob. We lost both Shelby and Bailey this year and they are certainly missed by Tiffany family. Sorry, Jade , for leaving you out. The cats will have to wait for the new year. It was a rough year on cats too, as, I lost both Scout Jr, and Shadow. Another 365 days of blogging and photos is complete. Tomorrow starts year 4 + a few months of Photo A Day.











First is Penny.








Next is Clara.











Finally Shep.

Day 364 Do I Look Like My Dog or Does My Dog Look Like Me?

Friday, December 30 – Becca sent me this photo yesterday that she took of her sis and Penny. Makes me think of that question; Does I look like my pet? I have to giggle every time I look at it. Great shot, Becca. The wind is howling again today. I guess we should be glad that there is no snow with it or cold.

Day 364 Some Photographer

Friday, December 30 – I wonder who this photographer is? Looks like she is very into whatever she is shooting. Wish I could get down low like that, but my knees won’t let me anymore. Hmm, I wonder who’s 7D that is?

Day 363 All I Want For Christmas is a —- Toilet Seat

Thursday, December 29 – We did a White Elephant gift exchange this year at Christmas. (it is also called a Bad Santa exchange) Mom picked the biggest package and it was a brand new sea shell covered toilet seat. It turned out that she was thrilled with it. I guess that is an item that they were needing. I am not sure that Mom thought it was a white elephant at all, as she was very excited to get her ‘gift’ home and installed. Dad’s gift was pretty funny – it was a book on how to be a more romantic husband. This will be their 65th wedding anniversary year, so it was pretty cute and got lots of chuckles. I think we will do The White Elephant next year too.








Gee, Bob, I wonder what we will get for gifts?







I can’t believe it, someone knew.








And it even has sea shells on it. Perfect!










Guess what you get to do when we get home?

Put on our new toilet seat!

Day 362 Our Holiday Music Provider

Wednesday, December 28 – I am always  blown away by the talent my grandson has. He is so gifted musically(he plays 4 instruments and composes music even); he is also such a nice young man. The world needs more like him. It seems that as soon as he gets to his aunt’s house, he heads to her piano. What wonderful background music we had on Christmas Day, courtesy of Chase. As you can see, he likes my 5DM2 and is a darned good photographer too. These shots are courtesy of Becca. Thanks for sharing them with me.












Day 361 Every Little Boy Needs A Drum Set

Tuesday, December 27 – Grandma just could not help herself when it came to buying a drum set for the boys. Bryton loved to preform for the camera. Gage really has rhythm, but wouldn’t let Grandma take his picture. I don’t think Tiffany is going to have any peace and quiet for awhile. Maybe the drums will move out to the tree house.
































Day 360 Wranglers

Monday, December 26 – The twins got new chaps from Santa. Yes, Santa did visit Grandma’s house; guess he heard we had been good. Those two little guys love wearing their Wranglers with cowboy boots and spurts and now they have chaps too. I wonder how Santa knew they needed them?
























Day 359 Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 25 – Merry Christmas to all. May this holiday season bless you all.



Day 358 What Has Moved Into My Livingroom?

Saturday, December 24 – Christmas Eve – Look what moved into my living room on Christmas Eve? This ‘Elk” came with guns that shoot nerf-type bullets.The boys loved it.








I think I ” got ’em”!

Day 357 There’s Nothing Like A Christmas Bath

Friday, December 23 – Those cute grandsons of mine love my big jetted tub. They have certainly learned how to appreciate bubble bath and the jets. It was so much fun having them here during the holiday.































I am not getting out of this tub!   NO WAY!!











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