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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 55 Flower Center

My Amaryllis has two flowers. Here is a close up of each one.

Day 54 Last One

The last bloom on the stalk of my big Aloe plant.

Day 53 Clouds

The clouds were moving in over the Highwoods.

Day 52 Hanging On

This orchid bloom is sure hanging on for a long time. It has been almost a month. It always amazes me how much the center looks like a little soldier.

Day 51 An Unusual Sunrise

What an unusual sunrise this was! Very few clouds.
Zoom in for a closer look at Belt Butte.

Day 50 Shadows

This was taken yesterday before the wind started blowing the snow around. Different story today. Golden light of morning.

Day 49 Solar Powered

Here is my solar powered flower light. Doesn’t last very long, but pretty cool when it works.

Day 48 Closer

Here is a closer shot of that Amaryllis.

Day 47 Hazy

You can’t see the Highwoods and Belt Butte sure blend in to the hazy white surroundings.

Day 46 Little Fellow

It always amazes me how this orchid has this little guy in the center.

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