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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 180 Rain

The forecast rain arrived late afternoon yesterday and has continued all night and is pouring now. A little refraction using raindrops on the window screen.

Day 179 Pancakes

Granddaughter learned how to make Sourdough Pancakes this morning. They are the favorite of all the grandkids. Something I am passing down to the next generation. This starter is over 100 years old and passed down to me 50 years ago by a friend. It is a milk based one.

Day 178 Sunset Visitor

Our pretty sunset tonight had a sky visitor.

Day 177 Just Playing

I really like the Tiny Planets app. Just playing around to see what I can come up with.

Day 176 Enjoying Morning Sun

Jade is enjoying some morning sun.

Day 175 Dusk

Some pretty light at dusk on the clouds behind Belt Butte.

Day 174 Storm Time

Catching up time due to vertigo. Here is a storm passing over my old house.

Day 173 Taco Fixins

Getting ready for Tacos.

Day 172 Trapped

RoRo loves insects of any kind. She captures them for identification. This is her latest.

Day 171 Storm

We had two storms come through this afternoon. This one was from the north.

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