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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 274 A New Day

Day 273 Tractors in Golden

Lots of Green Tractors.

Day 272 Golden Light of Sunset

Got some nice shadows at sunset.

Day 271 Here Comes The Sun

Interesting almost smoke like look to this sunrise at the ranch.

Mr. Sun Arrives

Day 270 Moving Day

Jade and I got moved to the ranch today. She is enjoying an afternoon nap. She was in the sun, but it is moving. I think she likes it here.

Day 269 PWF

A group of pretty white flowers growing in the hayfield by my house.

Day 268 Interesting Plant

An interesting plant going to seed.

Day 267 Sweet Girl

Jade has been feeling better the last few days.

Day 266 My Buddy Today Likes Oatmeal

Look who chose oatmeal for lunch. And it was plain too. She ate it all too!

Day 265 New Tote Bag

Just got this from a fellow photographer friend. She sells these that feature her photographs.

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