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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 217 Tristan Strikes Again

Grandson, Tristan, had quite the success at the Montana State Fair. He not only won the youth division of the digital entries, which I posted previously, but he also won the Youth 13 and under in the print category and  the special theme, which was transportation, in the hobbyist division. He was competing with adults in that division.


Anyone for a lake cruise

Day 216 Winners in the Family!

Tristan and Walter had Best of Show entries at the State Fair photography show in the Digital category.

image image

Day 215 Can You See it?

Friend, Debbie, and I noticed this character over the Highwoods. Can you see it?image

Day 214 IPhone At Fishercap Lake

Another view of Fishercap Lake with an iPhone.


Day 213 Fishercap Lake Reflection

iPhone photo.


Day 212 Looking Behind

An example of why you always look behind when doing a sunset, to see what the colors are doing there.


Day 211 Nice Sunset

Nice sunset Monday night.


Day 210 A Special Birthday!

We attended a very special birthday party yesterday for the daughter of our ranch foreman who turned 3.  Our little princess sure enjoyed the festivities.



Day 209 Reflection

There were some wonderful reflections in one of the lakes we visited.



Day 208 Is a Worm Pretty?

Here is a closer shot of one of those worms that are everywhere in Glacier. They were more abundant last year, for sure, as they covered the road and cabins at the field camp. There were reports that these little buggers destroyed the huckleberry crop.


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