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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 121 Shep Says Enough Already! It’s May Day!

Friday, May 1st – Shep is in total agreement that it is time to have some decent “dog running around outside” weather. He is sick and tired of looking out the window and watching the snow fly. At least, it seems to finally have quit here just a little bit ago at 3 in the afternoon Thursday. I won’t be home tonight, so thought I would go ahead and post for tomorrow. I have to work on my last Food assignment tomorrow and Saturday, so will be really busy. I start Capturing The Beauty of Flowers class tomorrow too. I just wish that we really had some flowers outside to photograph. Looks like I will be buying flowers for awhile yet.


Day 120 Izabella

Thursday, April 30 – I refuse to photograph snow one more time. This weather is just not funny anymore. We have snow similar to Great Falls here and it is miserable. I probably would have gone out and shot something, but it is still coming down and I am not risking getting my camera wet. I am sick of Winter. Come on, Mother Nature, bring on Spring. I am ready!!!  This shot of Izzy, Tristan’s year old cousin, was taken while we were in Dillon. I am including the original and the one that is rotated. I don’t understand why I am getting distortion when it is rotated. I think her face is lengthen. Some of you photographers out there- I want your opinion of what I can do differently. The horizontal one, which is the 2nd one, is the original. There must be somewhere to make sure that the ratios or proportions can be changed to stay the same when you flip the photo.


Day 119 Bring On The Party!

Wednesday, April 29 – I should say Merry Christmas! When you look outside, you would think it is December. It is snowing so hard that you can hardly see and we have so much snow. I am so glad that we came home early yesterday and that I have no place to go today. Here are a couple more photos from the big Dillon birthday party. Lily Jade likes parties too.  She is looking more and more like her daddy. Her eyes are going to be as brown as Tristan’s are blue. 


Day 118 That Cake Is All Mine!

Tuesday, April 28 – We had a big birthday party today in Dillon. Here is Tristan waiting to blow out candles. He was so excited to have a birthday cake, even if he had to share it with 4 others that had birthdays that were celebrating too.  We got to visit Mardel, Tom and Sarah, my sister-in-law and her hubby and daughter. It was so nice to have family together. We drove back in a horrid snow storm that is supposed to get worse tonight and tomorrow. We traveled back in convoy with Nick, Kristie and the kids. It is good to be home safe and sound. The dog is glad to be back from boarding too and the cat is delighted to see him.

Day 117 Looks like a Shirley Temple to me

Monday, April 27 – It was fun and challenging shooting Marilynn’s favorite fun drink; a Shirley Temple.  Make sure to click on the photos to see them larger, especially the macro ones. There is just one more week in Food Photography and the final assignment is going to be quite a challenge. We are to pick some photos from recipe books or magazines and try to duplicate them. Then retake with our own spin on them.  All that has been learned in this class will be put to the test for sure. I am heading out early tomorrow morning for Dillon and a birthday party for Tristan, Kristie and Nick at her mom’s house. It should be fun and hopefully the bad weather that is forecast will wait until I get back home. I am heading to bed really early tonight, so that I can get up and get those chores done and on the road. 



Day 116 How About a Milkshake?

Sunday, April 26 – I decided to make a strawberry milkshake for my 2nd photo to submit.  It would be so nice to have someone do the preparing the food for me.


Day 115 Cupcakes Anyone?

Saturday, April 25 – I did a shoot for my food photography class today and I thought I would share a couple of the photos. These were done with artificial light, diffusers and reflectors. I will be sharing my strawberry milkshake photos tomorrow. Off to bed early tonight; it was a long day.


Day 114 – Cow Beds

Friday, Aporil 24 – It is all white out and cold this morning. Sounds like we are going to have this pattern of weather for the next week with snow forecast again on Sunday.  I am going to use a photo of straw bales that we use for bedding for the cows that I took earlier this week when the weather was a whole lot nicer. This is just west of my house in the late afternoon.


Day 113 Goofy Brynn

Thursday, April 23  Brynn and I had a great time playing Operation yesterday and this photo just captured her mood perfectly. Shoot, I just heard the weatherman say snow is on it’s way again tomorrow. Yuck!!

Day 112 Emma turns the big 7

Wednesday, April 22 - Yesterday was Emma’s birthday and I took her shopping and then home for a party. She picked out a telescope this year and a slide whistle to go with it. I like how this photo captured the smoke from the candles. She waited until almost dark to open gifts and do her cake, all outside. So the lighting is not the greatest.



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