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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 328 Pancakes for Breakfast

Sourdough pancakes are this sweetie’s favorite.

Day 327 Not Where Tights Go

Going through old clothes to see if they fit. Now, Granddaughter, that is not where tights go…

Day 326 Buggy

We have gone buggy. This critter was on a living room window. They seem to be moving in for the winter.

Day 325 Little Planet

A new Little Planet. Both spun in and out.

Day 324 Morning Has Arrived

Beautiful sunrise today.

Day 323 Orange Chicken

Maple Garden Orange Chicken. Yum!

Day 323 Grandpa Fixed It

Somebody’s new cowgirl Belt was too big. So grandpa came to the rescue.

Day 322 Our Birthday Girl

Look who turns 10 tomorrow. We celebrated the special day today. She spent the night last night, had Sourdough pancakes for breakfast and then had everyone for dinner which her daddy cooked. She chose Tamales and Enchiladas.

Day 321 Sleeping Beauty and Her Daddy

Courtesy of my sweet daughter-in-law.

Day 320 Soup

And soup was appealing too.

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