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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 330 Hornet’s Abode

This big Black Hornet’s nest was right across the road from my cabin.


Day 329 Hmm!

Not sure I would want to use this.


Day 328 Hops?

I am not sure if this is a Hops plant or not growing on the fence by one of the sweet cabins at the Nevada Hotel. Sure looks similar.



Day 327 And on to Day3

Here was my breakfast on our last day of the club outing to Nevada City. Regular French Toast this time with Sausage. In case you can’t guess, I do like my French toast.


Day 326 Banana Bread French Toast

My first breakfast at the Star Bakery and Restaurant in Nevada City; Banana Bread French Toast with Sausage!


Day 235 Pretty Nice Sunset

There was a pretty nice sunset last night as we drove down the lane from our weekend in Virginia/Nevada City. What a great time! This trip had been planned for months and everything cooperated so that we could go. Perfect weather even. Did some astrophotography which was great.


Day 234 What Kind of Berries?

What kind of berries are these? Growing in my daughter’s yard.


Day 233 Just Cruisin’ Along

Three of my feathered friends waiting for their morning snack of  “scratch” which they get when they are first let out of their coop. That’s Ms. Americana in the front who is my blue/green egg layer. The other two are Black Sex Links that lay brown eggs.


Day 232 Geranium Blooming

One of my daughters gave me a beautiful red geranium for Mother’s Day. It has been blooming all summer with these big blossoms. iPhone photo.


Day 231 Getting Ready

Heading out again on a photography adventure. This time it is Virginia and Nevada City for the  weekend.  The camera club decided it would be a good weekend to venture out of town with nothing much going on locally. It should be fun with many photographic opportunities. I need to pack up what I think I might use. I am getting quite the collection of bags; complete with an orange one. You can’t go wrong with my favorites, the Think Tank roller bags and Kata backpacks for travel. I will be taking one of those to Las Vegas this fall, when one of my daughters and I venture there for her to run the marathon. Then it is off to Cuba next February for a couple of weeks for a bird photography contest. Might have to squeeze another adventure in there somewhere too.


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