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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 181 Mirror, Mirror!

Who’s the pretty kitty in the Mirror?

Day 180 Bunny

One of the resident Cottontails posed this morning.

Day 179 Visitor

A visitor tonight.

Day 178 Spreading Seeds

Time to send seeds on their way.

Day 177 Morning Glory

This is a persistent weed.

Day 176 Swedish Ivy Blooms

One of my Swedish Ivy plants is blooming.

Day 175 Small Storm

This small storm just went through.

Day 174 So Much Beargrass

Look at all this Beargrass! Not sure why it went up like this. It is a vertical photo.

Day 173 Bear Grass

I have never seen so much Bear Grass.

Day 172 Tiny Tree and Mushroom

Found this cute little tree with it’s friend the mushroom.

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