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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 188 Pretty Good Eats

Thursday, July 5 – Lily and Tristan enjoyed some pretty good eats last night at Pier 290.  We picked blackberries behind the house this morning. We easily have a gallon of them now. Every night has brought out the local fire fly population. What fun those kids have chasing those glowing bugs all over the yard. We went to Yerkes Observatory yesterday which is only a few blocks from the house. What a fascinating place. Tristan is planning to make a reservation to look though the big telescope some night soon.







Day 187 Now That Is Banana Cream Pie

Wednesday, July 4 – Now that is what I call Banana Cream Pie. This is Chester’s take on the dish, anyway. Oh, my gosh, it is so good and beyond rich. I could not finish it even. At $9 a serving it better be good. A meal in itself! Not counting calories here for sure. I guess I should have included an after shot too, to prove I didn’t ingest the whole thing. I think this would be an appropriate dish to serve for the 4th. Maybe with a sparkler on top!










Day 186 We Are Cow Feeding Experts

Tuesday, July 3 – My twin grandsons are quite the helpers when it comes to feeding cattle. They are doing a top notch job of feeding my steers here, aren’t they? Notice the tell-tale traces of chocolate faces? I think they found Grandpa’s chocolate ice cream bars.

Day 184 Look What I Caught

Sunday, July 1 – I know I am way ahead of the day schedule, but just had to share the fishing pics that were sent last night. These were taken of the grandkiddos fishing at our little private pond reserved just for them. Grandpa keeps it stocked every year for them. I think our fish have grown a bit, don’t you? We have a video of Bryton catching his that is hilarious.Thanks to Tiffany and Billi for the pictures.



















Day 183 Ice Tea Weather

Saturday, June 30 – This is definitely ice tea weather. Twigs restaurant is downstairs and it is a goodie. The Hot Rock is fun where you cook your meat on a heated granite rock at your table.

Day 182 Monsoon Season in Minnesota

Friday, June 29 – It has rained so much since we arrived. They had 8 inches of rain in Canon Falls just down the road from here. Flooding everywhere. We had 2 inches here in Rochester. There was a severe thunderstorm/tornado/hail warning last night for Minneapolis. We got lightning here and some rain. It is in the 90s here with a heat index of 95-100. Same is expected for tomorrow with possible severe storms again.

Day 181 Hello MOA

Thursday, June 28 – It has been 6 months since I have been at the Mall of America. Not much changed and lots of crowds on a Saturday. we spend all day there and had a couple of really good meals. I spent my usual hours at the Apple store and did some Genius Bar stuff that I needed help with.

Day 180 Finally All Apple

Wednesday, June 27 – We went to the Mall of America on Sunday and I finally replaced my netbook with an Apple Macbook Air. I love my Macbook Pro and my iMac, so this is very easy to get used to. Having an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, it only made sense to go that way. Love this little machine and already have Lightroom 4 on it. It weighs nothing and will be so nice to pack to go to Africa this fall.








Day 179 Strange Textured Rocks

Tuesday, June 26 – Here is another really neat rock texture right next to the petroglyths. Very strange. I am including a shot of the whole area that shows both strange rock formations. I can see why the ancients were drawn to here.










Day 178 Interesting Shapes

Monday, June 25 -  These petrified dunes are in Arches close to the Delicate Arch. I think the shapes are pretty cool. It is pouring rain out today and there is a winter weather advisory for the higher elevations. We could see snow up toward Monarch earlier. Will summer ever come?





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