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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 273 What A Weekend

It is Monday and I am bushed! What a fantastic weekend I spent shooting at the workshop with fellow photographers that are as passionate about the art as I am. Becca had the time of her life.  Craig made her his assistant and worked side by side with her. What a special memory she will have. Here are some shots from our final location, Ulm Pishkun Buffalo Jump. We illuminated the teepee with lanterns and waited for civil twilight. Funny how moving just a bit to the right changes the light. The wind was howling and it was pretty interesting keeping a tripod upright.












Day 272 Off To Another Workshop

I am very lucky to be spending the weekend at The Light and Landscape workshop here in Great Falls with instructor Craig Varjbedian. He was our guest at camera club last night also and what an amazing photographer. He is from New Mexico and has spend time at Ghost Ranch. He is also a prize winning photographer, including an Emmy. I am taking my granddaughter with me and I know she is going to learn so much. What an opportunity! The class size is very small and there were disappointed camera club members who didn’t get in. I feel very lucky that Ken, Becca and I all lucked out. Here is a shot of an area in Yellowstone that was hit a few years ago by fire. There is not a lot of regrowth yet. Gloomy sky, as you can see and rain was on the way again. This was a brief break where we could actually get out of the vehicle and not get soaked.





Day 271 I Wonder What You Have Planned

Hmm. wonder what you are planning now?






Day 270 Waiting For The Rut

This big boy was taking life easy waiting for rut season to arrive which was a week after we were home. I am hearing that there are bull elk chasing cars as well as cow elk all around the Mammoth area.



Day 269 So Proud Of This Young Man

My grandson, Chase, is a Great Falls High School homecoming king candidate (front row, dressed in black). I am so proud of this handsome young man. His accomplishments have been just outstanding. Go Chase!! You have such a bright future ahead of you.


Day 268 There’s Nothing Like An Ice Cream Sundae

Mom loves her caramel ice cream sundaes. Dairy Queen no longer has butterscotch, so caramel will have to do. She has a repeat field of vision today, so a nice outing before the first winter storm hits later today.




Day 267 Mud Pot Action

The Fountain Mud Pots are so much fun to shoot. This one had some really thin mud and had lots of activity. Not far away was the much thicker goo that just forms bubbles that pop.


Day 266 My Auntie and Cousins

Photo courtesy of Becca of her Aunt and twin cousins.



Day 265 The Peak and River

The boys love visiting the Peak Health and Wellness Center. The special fun pool is where they like to spend their time. There is an oval pool called The River that has a heck of a current. That is their favorite spot. It is right behind this little fountain area that they were busy with.


Day 264 Teaching The Boys To Shoot Targets

Grandpa enjoys teaching his twin grandson’s how to shoot at the target range he has set up. They gave him some really cool new targets for his birthday and they all had to break them in. The one of choice this time was a big rat. As you can see there was a lot of success in hitting the rodent.










































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