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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 245 Goodbye, Butte

Here I go up and away from Butte, banking to go over the mountains.


Day 244 Getting ‘er Done

I just recently flew out of the Butte, MT airport. It was half the price of flying from Great Falls and only took 2 hours to drive. I even parked for free. Photo is  iPhone and shows the workers getting ready to load the plane side checked bags. These planes are so small that even a carryon won’t fit in the overhead bins.




Day 243 Yuck, Double Yuck!!

This was the third rattlesnake we killed in a week by the house. I had the pleasure of stepping right on this one. I was checking my tomatoes on the patio and heard the rattling. I was standing on it!! The bugger crawled to the nearest pot and curled up ready to strike. I am very lucky. Not sure why we are having them visit. I had my cell phone handy, so here is a snapshot. Not the best because I had to blow the image up. I was not going to get close to the thing for a better photo.


Day 242 American Globeflower

Another favorite from my Glacier wildflower collection.  I really should consider putting them together in a book or something.

american globeflower

Day 241 Macro Landscape

I love my 100mm L macro. It is great for macro shots, plus portraits and landscapes. Canon5DM2, ISO100, F/11, 1/250s. We lucked out and avoided getting rained on. It sure cut loose when we got back to camp. The heavy clouds  made the diffused light perfect for flowers.


Day 240 A Little Flyfishing

Glacier Park fly fishing. This was taken off the bridge that the rafters go under – off the old main road through the park. The rafting companies hire young fellows to jump off the bridge when a raft has gone through. We saw one brave soul this day. There was a thunderstorm rolling in and we just made it to the car when the rain came. It was darned cold.






Day 239 A Little Midair Maneuvering

Look at this little guy go. Makes one wonder how he can move that fast and stay midair.


Day 238 What Wild Glacier Creature Is This?

A Hoary Marmot greeted us at Lunch Creek.  This big buy was enjoying some sunshine.


Day 237 Many Flowered Stickseed

This is one of the many wildflowers that bloom in Glacier. This was not the best year for flowers for some reason.

many flowered stickseed

Day 236 A Big Honkin’ Bug

They grow bugs big in Ecuador, as you can see.










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