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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 155 Are They Always This Quiet?

They are this quiet when they have a good cartoon on the TV. Pouring rain out still today. I am glad that I don’t have to work out in it, except to take care of the poultry. It is getting to be a mucky mess. We have to feed the steers in the corral with the tractor to even get the hay in the feeders. I am so glad that we got the cow/calves out to pasture already.  The hay fields and pastures are looking nice and green and soaking up this moisture. I finally got a couple of my photos from Tanzania up on my Facebook timeline. My friend, Rosie, had been bugging me to do it for quite some time.

Robyn Mehmke-1-364

Day 154 Welcome Home, Kimmie

Kimmie has returned from her African adventure. What a rewarding time she had working at an orphanage and teaching English. I am so glad that you arrived safe and sound back in the USA. Sounds like your  next adventure is to Peru. You are quite the traveler these days. Recognize that big white lens, Curtis?  I know Kimmie got some gorgeous shots with it. It is pouring rain out right now and sounds like we are in for lots more. I waded to the chicken house this morning. The hens took one look out that door and said, “you have got to be kidding”. I have a new resident in my smallest chicken coop that I hope to get a picture of soon. The home for wayward animals is very appropriate these days.  I am sure the baskets in the back of my Suburban are thinking that they are glad I won’t have to run the Bountiful Baskets site in Belt, Saturday, in the rain.

Robyn Mehmke-1-338

Day 153 Truckin’ Down The Road

North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park went zooming by on our way back to Montana. At least, this trip we got to see something. It wasn’t raining cats and dogs this time. It is supposed to start raining tomorrow and give us a couple of very wet days here. No complaining when it is moisture. I got all my photog goodies ordered from B&H today so should be set for Monterey next month. Got an email from my friend in South Carolina today begging me to come to Kenya in August. I am so tempted. I want to go back and just might yet.

Robyn Mehmke-1-375

Day 152 Breakfast of Champions

Now I am not sure if this truly is the makings of champions, but it sure satisfies 4 year olds’ appetites. It will have to do when you are on the road and far from a plate of sourdough pancakes with real maple syrup at Grandma’s house. Those two boys can eat a pile of pancakes. I have had my sourdough starter for over 40 years and shared it many times. Who knows how long it was going before I received it as a gift. It is a milk based one and oh, so good.

Robyn Mehmke-1-365









Robyn Mehmke-1-366

Day 151 Batman Strikes Again

Here is our batman all complete, even with glitter. Amazingly it stayed on until the evening waterpark fun.

Robyn Mehmke-1-362









Robyn Mehmke-1-363

Day 150 Fun To Watch, But I Will Pass On My Turn

Our little batman was gungho about his face painting experience, but brother spiderman passed on his turn. Much more fun to watch than to be the subject, I guess.

Robyn Mehmke-1-358









Robyn Mehmke-1-359









Robyn Mehmke-1-360


Day 149 Shooting With Daddy

My twin grandsons had a fun afternoon shooting with their daddy. Oh, my, I think we might have future hunters on our hands. Thanks to Tiffany for sharing the photos.

Robyn Mehmke-1-369








Robyn Mehmke-1-370

Day 148 More Rain

Here we are pulling up to our motel in Bloomington amidst the heavy rain and a tornado watch. I have never seen it rain so hard. Sure glad that it was not me driving. This was the day of the big tornado in Oklahoma. The previous picture of the interstate flooding turned out to be 9 inches of rain in that area. Crazy.

Robyn Mehmke-1-354

Day 147 Now That Is A Rainstorm

Just outside Jamestown, the interstate was flooded. There was talk of 4 inches of rain. Surprising that the road remained open.



Day 146 Batman Enjoys the Mall of America



This was one happy little boy in his face paint. Brother did not want to participate and be spiderman, but sure had a good time watching the process. Photos to follow.

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