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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 365 Happy New Year

This is what celebrating with bubbles means to a couple of 4 year olds on New Year’s Eve.















Day 364 Mumble Grew Up

Look how our rooster, Mumble, grew up. The chick photos and grown up ones are quite different, aren’t they?  He is one beautiful guy, but so dang mean, you can not believe it. He attacks me every time  I go in the coop. He just might be destined to the frying pan yet.
































Day 363 On The Other Side Of The Lens For A Change

My granddaughter is a fantastic photographer. She is so shy about having her own image taken though. I understand that completely, as I am the same way. I finally got some shots of her on Christmas. Nothing fancy, but still they capture beautiful Becca.













Day 362 Ice Storm

There was an ice storm while I was in Wisconsin that caused the schools to close and pretty much put travel to a stop. That is not wet concrete or water, it is ICE.










Day 361 Through A Screen Sparkly

This is what happens when you shoot the sunrise through a screen that is covered with ice. Clicking on the photos gives you a much better view.









Day 360 How To Chill Out

This is how a Golden Retriever relaxes after a Christmas celebration. A house full of kids and noise wears a dog out!


Day 359 Blessed Christmas!

Blessed Christmas to all!! I was up late last night getting the camera club’s Facebook page ready to welcome Christmas Day. I did watch midnight Mass from Rome. Bitter cold wind out there this morning. The chickens did brave it and ventured out. I think they are welcoming some warmer than 30below temps. A fun photo I took in Lake Geneva last week with a bit of playing in Photoshop.


Day 358 Early Morning Sun

This was our sunrise in Williams Bay through the trees in my son’s front yard.


Day 357 Big Sky Country From The Air

An early morning shot of the Big Sky Country and the Missouri on my way to see the Grandkids. My plane had mechanical issues and was three and a half hours late taking off. So I got some light to take photos. Wonderful trip to see the grandkids and my son. I miss them so much.



Day 356 Grandkids Having Fun

We went shopping after school yesterday and then came home to decorate the Christmas tree. As you can see, one lOves Minecraft on the iPad and the other is enjoying sticker book fun.



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