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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 146 Don’t Look At Me!!!

Friday, May 25 – Weatherbug is calling for a winter storm warning from tonight through Sunday. Yuk!!  I was copying pics from Easter this morning and discovered a few that I didn’t put up yet. So here goes with Gage.He looks very guilty of something, doesn’t he?



































Day 145 Lookin Good

Thursday, May 24 – My goodness this month is flying by. It will be June before we know it. It rained hard last night and the forecast is about the same for the next week; rain. Not a bad thing. Here are some shots that Becca did of her sis last weekend out here at the ranch. She is so lucky to have a photogenic sibling who will pose for her.





















Day 144 What Are You Looking At?

Wednesday, May 23 – This ape is sure looking fed up with people staring through the glass at him.

Day 143 It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Really Cool!! Happy Birthday to Tractor PaPa!

Tuesday, May 22 – The boys had a blast at the airport.  There is nothing like watching airplanes land and take off when you are a three year old. It was Great grandpa Bob’s 84th birthday yesterday. The boys love spending time with him and his many John Deere Tractors.























Day 142 What It Looks Like At 5am

Monday, May 21 – This is what the sunrise looks like at 5am. We were heading to pick up the Bountiful Baskets for everyone. I love going at that hour. Each week brings something new and healthy to cook. I think we are eating so much healthier since the baskets started. And it is fantastic that we can get organics. We saw these wild turkeys right outside Monarch as we flew by. Pictures not the greatest, but you can see they are turkeys. There were actually 2 toms fighting over the hen.




















Day 141b A Few More “Mess” Pictures

Here are a few more of the photos Tiffany sent. At least, Raven, the cat, didn’t get in on the act. Can you imagine what that would be like to clean up? Those last 3 pics were after a bath. I think it might take many washings to get that hair clean again.












































Day 141 Diaper Ointment

Sunday, May 20 – Yikes, I can hardly stop laughing when I look at these shots. Tiffany sent them just a little while ago. Brings back memories of when my girls pasted an entire roll of postage stamps all over the toilet when they were about that age. There is nothing quite like having twins, I remember only too well. If that diaper ointment is Desitin, the room smells like fish oil. Won’t that be fun to clean up.One has to wonder what in the world were they thinking. My best guess was that Bryton thought it would be fun and Gage went along with it.










Day 140 Carmel and Isaak

Saturday, May 19 – Here are two of my favorite laying hens. They were both chicks that my daughter hatched in her classroom. They have grown up to be quite the ladies and prolific egg layers. Picture courtesy of Becca. I think this photo was taken right before our rooster, Poseidan attacked. He is very protective of his girls.

Day 139 Wonder What The Tooth Fairy Will Bring?

Friday, May 18 -  Tristan lost a tooth while we were visiting. Neat little way to send home a tooth from school, don’t you think? You know you are growing up when you teeth start falling out.

Day 138 Artist In Training

Thursday, May 17 – Lily loves coloring and is really good at it. Wouldn’t you love to do her nail’s, Becca. She has the most beautifully shaped fingernails for a little one.

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