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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 208 Late Summer Wildflowers

Some late summer wildflowers.

Day 207 Rock City Remebrance

Here is a view from inside Rock City.

Day 206 New Farming Adventure

Do you think we should consider this as our new farm crop?

Day 205 Sunset Last Night

Last night’s sunset from my living room.

Day 204 Rock City Pano

A panorama from the camera club outing to Rock City.

Day 203 Growing Up Fast

How did this pretty girl get this big already?

Day 202 The Smoke is Here

You can always tell when it is forest fire season by the orange skies at sunset.

Day 201 Someone has a Ponytail

Our sweet girl finally has a little ponytail! She loves that pony.

Day 200 Busy Bees

The bees are certainly busy in my little flower beds. Two were sharing a flower for a few minutes even.

Day 199 Cinnamon Roll Heaven

Lily loves the huge cinnamon rolls at Wheat Montana.

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