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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 31 Super Moon Rising

The Super Moon coming up over the Highwoods this morning.

Day 30 Sunset

Another beautiful sky.

Day 29 So Pretty

This orange rose is so pretty that is in my Birthday bouquet. Not sure why it looks squished until you click on it.

Day 28 Sunset

Here was sunset,looking south, catching the color in the clouds. It sure doesn’t look like January!

Day 27 Citrus

Here is the citrus in the next aisle.
Tangerines or Tangelos!

Day 26 Snoring Cat

My house is full of snoring! Walt and Jade compete for the honor of being the most annoying.


Day 25 Mushrooms

Continuing down the produce aisle we find mushrooms.

Day 24 Tomatoes

A return to the veggie aisle…

Day 23 Green Peppers

Grocery shopping today

Day 22 Birthday Flowers

Walt brought me home Birthday Flowers from Herman’s. I also got an electric blanket. I am tucked in now and soaking up the heat. It is pure Heaven because I am always freezing.

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