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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 120 Napping in the Sunday Morning Sunshine

Jasmine sure knows how to take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather this Sunday morning.

Day 119 Pretty Yummy

We had a real treat in Helena with this Yummy food at one of our favorite restaurants.

Day 118 Beautiful Statue

Beautiful spring morning!

Day 117 Another Pretty

Another pretty spring bloom.

Day 116 Spring

This flower in my daughter’s yard sure says Spring is here to me. Notice the visitor inside the flower!

Day 115 New Toy

My daughter crocheted a fun new taco toy for the spoiled kitty. She obviously loves it.

Day 114 Book Arrival

My latest book purchase from a group I belong to that does online sales.

Day 113 Chicken Enchilada

How about this Chicken Enchilada?

Day 112 Peek-A-Boo

Just playing peek-a-boo.

Day 111 Sleeping the Storm Away

This is hopefully what Jasmine did while I was in Billings.

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