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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 307 Some Risky People

Wednesday, November 3 – There are so many edge-loving  people that visit the Grand Canyon; those that just have to have an actual look right over the edge or sit on the very edge without a railing. Not something you could pay me any amount to do. As you can see even my crazy husband borrowed my G11 to take a look over. I don’t know who those other people are out on the rim, but they are much braver than I am. The only way I can even look at the canyon is through the camera lens.  I think that is really strange.  All the photos that I have been posting from Sedona/Grand Canyon so far, have been shot with my G11.



Day 306 First Sunshine

Tuesday, November 2 – This was the first sunshine that we saw at the Grand Canyon. It was a very dreary, heavy cloud, misty day. What a spectacular place, no matter what the weather.

Day 305 I Love My Mom

Monday, November 1 – This is from the airport vortex. We spent the last morning here and what views there were. I captured this one without Billi and Becca even knowing. I love it!! Becca sure does love her mom and the feeling is very mutual.

Day 304 Gotta Love That Hat!!

Sunday, October 31 – Halloween is finally here. Gage and Bryton are going to have so much fun trick or treating with Becca and Emma. Here is a shot I took at a boutique in Sedona. Isn’t this hat just Emma? I love their sign too.


Day 303 Another Sedona Rose

Saturday, October 30 – Can you believe the October is almost over and Halloween will be Sunday? I don’t know where this month went. Tiffany is on her way today with the boys to stay for awhile. Bryant is off hunting and it will be a nice break for her. We get to do Halloween with Bryton and Gage.  Here is another rose from the Sedona rainy morning. The cloudy sky did give me nice diffused light. Once again I used my g11. Speaking of cameras, Curtis and I went to camera club again last night. It was a great meeting and I am so glad that I have joined this group.

Day 302 A Rosy Reflection

Friday, October 29 – There was a beautiful rose garden growing right outside the bed and breakfast we stayed out. In fact, it was right close to that pear tree. The rain that we had been getting everyday lead to great reflections, I discovered that first morning. No need to carry my handy dandy spray bottle. Here are some shots of one of the roses. Be sure to click on them to take a closer look. I love reflections and they can be very tricky to do. These were shot with my Canon G11.




Day 301 The Gate To The Red Rocks

Thursday, October 28 – Here is the gate that lead to the wilderness right behind our suite. Becca and Emma loved hiking here. I have so many photo taken here.  Those red rocks and soil are what I love most about this area. There is such a peacefulness here. We had a dusting of snow overnight last night. It has all melted, but sure is a reminder that winter is not far off.

Day 300 Pears For Breakfast

Wednesday, October 27 – There was this fantastic pear tree growing right by the bed and breakfast we stayed at. The innkeeper told the girls to go ahead and pick a pear if they would like, which they did, of course; several times. One morning our breakfast included a homegrown pear coffee cake that was oh, so, good. They also had a homemade granola that was just out of sight. There was also one of these trees growing by an apartment house across the street. It was very hard to not go pick up all those ripe pears laying on the ground. We were told that the wild pigs come and eat them.  As you can see, there was no blue sky and lots of rain that day.

Day 299 Pomegranate

Tuesday, October 26 – Something I didn’t expect to see in Sedona was a Pomegranate tree bearing fruit. We visited a great place that looked like a flea market (had a big red and white rooster statue in front), but turned out to be patio decorations of all kinds. There was this great Pomegranate tree right in the middle full of fruit. It had a big sign that said don’t eat the fruit, as they are poisonous. I doubted it and sure enough the owner came up to me with info about how they harvest and squeeze them. I guess I acted pretty interested, as in just a few minutes he caught up to me and handed me one of the fruits that he just picked for me to take with me. I was pretty thrilled and the girls and Brad thoroughly enjoyed eating it on the way to the airport. This was the last place we stopped in Sedona before heading back to the plane in Phoeniz. We also went to the airport Vortex and up on top by the airport that overlooks Sedona that last day. What views!!!  Here are a couple of shots of those pomegranates. As you can see, when they are truly ripe, they break open. The berries were exceptionally sweet too.




Day 298 Montana Blue Sky

Monday, October 25 – I am back home again from not so sunny Sedona. When it wasn’t raining, it was cloudy and chilly the entire time we were there. The Grand Canyon was really cold. All and all, the weather really didn’t matter, as I had such a great time. I love Sedona and was reminded once again, how gorgeous it is there. There is a peacefulness to the whole area. We stayed in a gorgeous suite that was 1000 sq. ft. The gormet breakfast  was delicious and the whole experience just outstanding. They brought warm homemade cookies  each afternoon. There was  a bread machine in our suite that they used each day to make a fresh loaf for us. A place you could certainly live in for awhile.  We loved it so much that we plan to go back again really soon, maybe in January. I have so many photos to go through, before I start posting them. Here is what the sky looked like the day before we left Montana for Arizona.



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