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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 250 50th!

Yesterday was our 50th Anniversary. It’s hard to believe that all those years have passed. I was surprised with this beautiful gift from my hubby. It came in the cutest little box. He had it specially made for me with Yogo Sapphires by Jamie Ivers. A very special gift!

Day 249 Sleeping Beauty

Jade enjoys sleeping on her pillow.

Day 248 Uncooperative

This guy does not like his picture taken. I sure understand, as neither do I!

Day 247 Last Light on the Highwoods

The last light on the Highwoods.

Day 246 Nature’s Art

How about this artwork in nature?

Day 245 Rain

Rain has arrived and there is a forecast of snow for the higher elevations. Walt and Nick cut wheat until the wee hours this morning to beat the rain.

Day 244 My Helpers

Here are two of the best helpers around!

Day 243 Smoke

Do we ever have smoke today! Unhealthy to be outside.

Day 242 More Monkeys

Sure enough, a different family of monkeys showed up the next day for some bananas by the kitchen this time. That first group came right up to my feet.

Day 241 Warm

It was very chilly at several of the lodges we stayed at. The evening main lodge fire was very welcomed.

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