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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 148 A Little Stop Along the Road

We saw this very neat old set of building and thought it would be a good shot.


Day 147 Elevator at Loma

We had a late breakfast at Loma this morning and then stopped to see some buffalo along the road by this elevator.


Day 146 Illuminating the Highwoods

Another wonderful ‘day is dawning’ photo.


Day 145 Off to Lost Lake

A good of Camera Club friends had an outing today at Lost Lake. We left at dawn to get that beautiful golden light. Mr. Sun was just starting to light up the sky.


Day 144 Pollo Loco

Nick had this wonderful dish. Pretty darn good too.


Day 143 And Now on to Grandpa’s Rice.

And then my favorite dish, Grandpa’s Rice.


Day 142 My Idea of Dinner

Here is what Walter ‘cooks’ for dinner when he volunteers to do it. Thank heavens, for Maria’s Chicken Enchiladas.


Day 141 Spring has Sprung

Took this downtown Great Falls. Spring definitely is in the air. More rain on the way too.


Day 140 Heading Home With a New Bull

I went to Dillon yesterday to meetup with my new Black Angus bull from California. He had quite the long trip in a trailer. All is well and he is settled in fine at his new home here. I took this one on our way in the Holter Lake area. A little bird paid a visit to decorate the windshield,  as you can see. iPhone photo.


Day 139 Almost Gone

I almost hate to take that last bite. Until next visit this will be the memory.


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