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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 250 A Little Yellow Beauty

This tiny weed is growing in front of my house. Another practice shot with the little M2.


Day 249 A Cute Little Garden Robber

I have noticed that since Shep has passed away, the cotton tails have multiplied like crazy and have gotten very tame. I am willing to share my garden with the little cuties. A Canon M2 image.











Day 248 Atticus and Grandma Bonnie

Atticus has taken a huge liking to Grandma Bonnie. He goes along with his mom when she teaches Yoga at Highgate and loves to spend time with Grandma  while he is there. They have a very special bond. Photo from Jenn.


Day 247 A Horse of Two Colors?

Sure looks like this could be a horse of two colors, doesn’t it? It’s actually one of our horses(gold) and Brooke’s(black) hanging out in the barnyard.


Day 246 A Pretty Face in a Crowd

These little faces are right in front of my house and were just begging for a photo shoot.


Day 245 A Big Bee

This is one big bee.


Day 244 Mr. Steak

Mr. Steak is ready for his morning breakfast.


Day 243 Montana Bamboo

Wild Carrot, not bamboo, but it is the closest we get around here.


Day 242 Jade, You are Beautiful

Here is a new portrait of Jade.




Day 241 I Will Show You, Mom

What a fun trip we had to Rock City yesterday. It is one of my favorite places to visit and I finally was able to share the experience with some of the grandkiddos. They did have just as much fun as I expected. Bryton was going to show his mom that he has no fear and can climb any of those big rocks. Well, as you can see, he needed a bit of assistance getting back down, after all.




















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