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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 268 Chives

The chives are blooming…

Day 267 Buddies

As you can see, jade got her hair done by her buddy.

Day 266 Finally a Sunrise

The smoke stayed away this morning and we have a sunrise over the Highwoods.

Day 265 Just a Pink Flower

Just a pink flower…

Day 264 Sleepy Afternoon

Jade is having a lazy afternoon nap. She works so hard, you know. Guess she learned this from her “resting” co-owner, whose birthday is today.

Day 263 Orange and Green Tomato

Love the color of this one…

Day 262 An Assortment

Picked quite an assortment of tomatoes today.

Day 261 Happy 93rd

Mom’s 93rd Birthday! Aimee and I had not been able to see her since February. Today was a first through a glass wall.

Day 260 Pink Ripe Tomatoes

Just picked two pink ripe tomatoes. I had some earlier and now more are ripening.

Day 259 Please Bring Back the Sunsets

All this smoke is not good for our sunsets. I miss this view of evening.

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