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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 17 Sad News

I lost my beloved, beautiful Jade today. This breaks my heart. She was not just a cat, she was my companion and part of the family.

Day 16 A Very Sick Kitty

Jade is so sick. We got to stay with her for 3 hours this morning and will go back this afternoon too. Praying the new antibiotic will work. I could not get her to eat. I am just heart broken.

Day 15 One Very Sick Kitty

Jade is hospitalized with pancreatitis and heart issues. I am worried sick! This was taken after she was at the emergency vet hospital and on her way to the vet here. I am praying for her!

Day 14 Here Comes The Rain

A little rain shower heading this way.

Day 13 Prowling

What does one do at 1:30am? How about an emergency trip to the vet with a vomiting cat!
They are very careful here about Covid. You can’t even go in the clinic. They have you mask up and they come out and get her. All communication is on the phone.

Day 12 I Have One at Home

Another example of the plants here in the RV park. I have one of these at home as a house plant.

Day 11 Someone’s Nest

I wonder whose nest this is?

Day 10 Another Spikey One

Another cactus close by.

Day 9 Prickly

Little cactus by our camper.

Day 8 Hanging in There

She has had some tough days this month, but is hanging in there. Jade will be 17 this year!

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