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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 159 A Look At The World Through Chase’s Eyes

Tuesday, June 8 – Here are more of those beautiful shots that Chase sent me. These were all taken around my house or just outside in the yard. I love how he notices details that often sneak by most of us.  Those apples were on my kitchen counter. Nice closeup composition. I love your nice low perspective of the yellow ladder in the yard. Very interesting take on the swingset in the background. That is an awesome shot. Next is a shot of the old wagon wheel that sits right by my front door. Nice and close with lots of texture here. The next shot of that old spool is one of my very favorites that you have taken, Chase. You got nice and low and close to get all that texture. I love the color variations here. The way you included just a bit of the grass on the right third added lots of interest.  And then we come to one of those water shots that you love to do. This is a fantastic shot. Nice and close with lots of detail. I love how those drops of rain act as magnifying glasses. You can almost ‘feel’ the wetness here and that is great! Nice job and thanks so much for sharing these with me, Chase.





Day 158 Chase Has Been Shooting Away

Monday, June 7 – Chase sent me some photos last night that he took recently. They are awesome and I thought I would share them today. That boy is really something. You put a camera in his hands and he sees such a beautiful world. Here is the center of a tulip and a plant just after a rain storm.  Nice job, Chase. You amaze me with your compositions.


Day 157 Swinging Away

Sunday, June 6 – A shot of that pretty photographer who has been supplying me with such neat photos to share with everyone. Becca, you look like you are having so much fun here. Little does anyone know, your mom was there with that handy dandy reflector getting some light on your face and some catch lights in your eyes. Thanks so much for modeling for me.

Day 156 Another Becca Share

Saturday, June 5 – Becca is one observant girl. Her mom had what she thought was just an old messy painting easel in her closet. That is until Becca got her artistic mind working and grabbed her new camera. Here are some shots that she took of that previously unnoticed artwork!! We all need to keep our eyes open more and notice the beauty around us like Becca does.


and closer..

and a different angle..

Day 155 What Is That?

Friday, June 4 – Becca took this one and had me guessing what in the world was on that Petunia? Nutella is a staple in Emma and Becca’s mind and Becca thought it would be fun to dress up this little flower with a little of their favorite food. Yum!! If you haven’t tried Nutella, make sure you do. It is one yummy topping! Very interesting shot, Becca. Thanks for sharing it.

Day 154 A Whole “Lotta Tunias”

Thursday, June 3 – Shot at the Flower Farm with my G11. They have beautiful hanging baskets just a bit above eye level which is perfect for some ‘fill the frame’ shots. These pretty pink Petunias were just begging to be captured.  The rain has finally stopped and we have MUD!! It is unbelievable at the barn. I see there is new snow in the Highwoods and the Little Belts.  Tristan and Lily spent the night last night and what a fun time we had. Lil went to bed early, but Tristan was a little itouch fanatic. He was still going strong at midnight. His latest fascination is with the apps Angry Birds and Farm Story. The little stinker now knows when the battery is dangerously low and knows how to recharge.


Day 153 Just Smellin’ The Flowers

Wednesday, June 2 – I thought this the perfect day to share this photo of Becca. It is pouring rain right now which I am sure the plants love. I used my soft focus optic with my Lensbaby for this shot. I really am liking that nice soft feel it gives to a photo. Becca was enjoying smelling these sweet lilacs at the Milwaukee Station.

Day 152 Aw, Grandma, I Don’t Want My Picture Taken

Tuesday, June 1 – Lily did not want to give up her Binky to have her photo taken, as you can see here. I used my new soft focus optic for the Lensbaby which gives the whole picture a soft focus look.  I really like it for flowers and think I am going to like it for portraits as well. It is Thursday and it is pouring rain right now. I watched the twins for Tiffany today and they all just headed home. It was a lovely day and we had such a nice visit. Tristan and Lily are coming for the day tomorrow. Lots of photo ops, I hope. I did get a few today of Bryton and Gage that I will be sharing. They are so busy!! Tiff tells me that she sets her camera on shutter priority to be able to take their pictures and I sure can see why.


Day 151 Goof Ball!!

Monday, May 31 – Emma loves to ‘ham it up’ when she gets her picture taken. I loved this shot and I hope everyone else does too. It was taken in Billi’s backyard in that famous picture-taking tree. It is starting to look stormy out and the wind is howling. Tiffany is coming tomorrow to have me watch the boys while she gets her hair cut. It will be so nice to see those two little wild men of hers.

Day 150 My New Canon L Lens

Sunday, May 30 – Here is my new Canon L lens or is it? Actually it is a travel mug that I received as a gift from my friend, Curtis. You would swear it is a real lens at first look. These were given to the Winter Olympic athletes by Canon this last year. I had seen them on the web and am thrilled to have one of my own. What a cool gift, Curtis!! Thanks so much.


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