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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 244 Pretty in Purple

Lots of these are blooming by my house.

Day 243 Another Sunrise

Here’s another pretty sunrise.

Day 242 Three Jewels

Yum, don’t these look tastey?

Day 241 Mushrooms

The field by my house is full of mushrooms. That recent rain sure brought them up.

Day 240 Good Morning, Mr. Sun

Mr. Sun has arrived.

Day 239 Yellow and Green

Somebody likes how well yellow and green go together.

Day 238 Just Flying Through the Neighborhood

This little guy was just passing through.

Day 237 Clean Toes

Lazy girl has been sleeping all afternoon. She had a hard night and it shows. A session of vomiting and a call to her vet and she got some very special care. It looks like she may have caught what I have. At least, she has clean toes!

Day 236 Heated Bed

Jade loves this. It’s her heated bed, I guess.

Day 235 Writing in the Sand, I Mean Dirt

Not sure what critter was writing in the dirt or what the message is.

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