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Window on Cherry Pie Lane


It is blizzarding out right now. I can not see to the chicken house even. We are supposed to leave for Fort Benton in just a couple of hours for the Tasting for Education. Doesn’t look like we are going to be able to go.
Tomorrow I am supposed to get my computer back and then maybe I can get caught up with my photos here. I hear that there is a horrid computer virus that is supposed to strike on April 1st. Maybe I got it early. The wedding shoot went great yesterday. We took right at 2600 photos. It was a new experience for me and certainly out of my box as a landscape photographer. The bride and groom were not bad to work with and the minister was fantastic. Wouldn’t mind doing another one sometime.

No computer!

My Latop won’t work now either, so there will be no loading of photos. I don’t seem to be able to email either. I can get on this site, but can’t upload photos. My ISP thinks that I must have a virus. We had supper with Carl and Roberta and his computer works fine on my internet service, but mine does nothing. I am so bummed. I can’t upload my photos for class or here. Will be taking the laptop in to the computer shop tomorrow. It snowed hard here all afternoon and is miserable out right now. Yuck, I am so ready for spring. It is supposed to storm again Sunday and Monday night. When will this end?

Day 83 A Long time ago

These photos just say to me that there are lots of stories at the Belt Cemetary that could be told. I wonder who this marker belonged to? No markings of any kind.There are so many familiar names and so many memories.


Day 82 Off to the computer doc

Heading to town to get my desktop computer fixed. Talked to them first thing this morning and they think it is the hard drive, not the monitor. I don’t know if that is good or not, but it is off to get repaired so I can start doing something with my photos again. Had three calves overnight, which is a good thing, with the weather turning bad again tomorrow night. We are in for more winter or so they say. Took this shot on the way to Monarch off the Goodman Bridge just as the sun was going down.

Day 81 Oh, not again!!

It is snowing hard right now. Doesn’t mother nature know it is now spring? Am praying that the cows hold off for a little while to let this pass before dropping a calf on this white ground. Took this photo before winter decided to arrive again. Walter built this wind thing-a-majig at the end of his airplane runaway. Those are the Highwoods behind. This is one of the photos that I used for my closeup photography class this week. We were to do an extreme wide angle closeup, so I was right up against that wind vane with my 12-24mm lens. My desktop computer crashed yesterday, so it is backup laptop time. The old HP is making a trip to Sullivans tomorrow bright and early.

Day 80 Reminiscing

Walter and I went on a photo shoot yesterday afternoon for my class assignment. I love photographing at a cemetary, so we went to the Belt cemetary. This was taken at the Mehmke family plot. My computer crashed today, so I am having to use my backup laptop. So what you see is what you get when it comes to photos until it is fixed, as my editing program is on it. Thought the use of shadows might be interesting.


Day 79 Grandpon’s Little Buddy

I took this one in Missoula after Tristan was totally wore out swimming in the pool at the CMON Inn. I posted  early this AM, but it doesn’t show up anymore, so will redo it. We are busy moving cows around today ahead of another blast of weather this weekend.


Day 78 Ann’s Hoya

We had dinner at Carl and Roberta’s tonight which made me think of Ann Anderson. The kids have remodeled the house where Ann lived that we now own. Ann gave me this Hoya plant years ago and it still holds a special place in my house and is a reminder of a very special woman. It is just after midnight on the 19th and I am having trouble sleeping. This site must not reflect daylight savings time, as it still says it is the 18th.

Day 77 Saying Goodbye

Today was my father-in-law’s funeral. This is a window in the Steam Museum. Thought it was appropriate for this day. Needs a bit of post processing, but I just didn’t feel like doing any.

Day 76 Another Lock

Just got home from my trip babysitting in Missoula. It was Nick’s bday and they went to a tasting last night. We were going to stay another night, but he is a pall bearer tomorrow at Grandpa’s funeral. The kids were good and it sure was wonderful seeing them. I took this one of an old padlock.

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