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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 122 or 365 No Looking Back

Jasmine said she is not looking back at 2022 and only looking forward to 2023. It was a hard year for me and I took a break for months after losing my precious Jade. Here’s to a better New Year!

Day 121 Cornbread

How about some cornbread to go with that chili!

Day 120 Last Set

This is the last set of books from daughter, Bobbi, for our Christmas book swap. It was so much fun swapping books with friend, Debbie, and daughter, Bobbi. We are already planning for next year. It is so much fun getting 24 new books to read.

Day 119 More Wonderful Books

Week 3 of the book exchange with my daughter, Bobbi. This is so much fun!

Day 118 More Books

My daughter and I completed our final book exchanges yesterday. Here are the first 3 I opened then. That makes 6, so far.

Day 117 Pretty Cool

Son, Nick, showed us this trick. Look closely at the two toothpicks.

Day 116 Merry Christmas

Just baked these little loaves of Banana Bread using my Pampered Chef little loaf pan. Perfect size for a gift.

Day 115 Late Afternoon

Here is a shot yesterday from late afternoon, just when the sun was going down. Do you see the flight of geese in the top of the frame in the 1st photo, as the golden light was leaving? I didn’t realize I captured those until I looked at the photo. The 2nd photo shows how fast the light was changing.

Day 114 Final Books

This was our final Friday to open our Christmas book exchange. We had no duplicates of books we already owned. Next year is going to be our third year of the exchange. It is so much fun opening books with my friend, Debbie, every Friday before Christmas.

Day 113 Snow

Lots of snow everywhere and cold temps too.

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